Scans and Pricing

Life Scan Studio uses 2D, 3D / 4D & 5D / HD Ultrasound to allow you and your family to experience the sights, sounds, and movements of your baby as he or she kicks, smiles, turns or yawns. This experience is dedicated solely for the purpose of promoting bonding between you, your family and your baby. This is an incredible opportunity to see your baby in real life 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D / HD images with keepsake photos and videos we guarantee you will cherish for a lifetime!

At Life Scan Studio, we recognize that many medical institutions may not offer 3D, 4D and 5D / HD ultrasound technology, or have the time in their diagnostic schedules to do what we can in an elective session. Our services should not be used to replace regular prenatal care provided by a physician. Elective services should never be used as a substitute for your very important diagnostic ultrasound exam but instead, as an unbelievable way to compliment it. Therefore, we insist that you are actively undergoing prenatal care and have undergone a medical ultrasound exam prior to visiting us for your elective session. During each ultrasound we do a general abnormalities check and should we detect anything that does not appear normal we will point it out during the session.

Scan Packages and pricing

Item Price
Early Pregnancy 2D Pregnancy Ultrasound (8 weeks – 14 weeks)
Week days only
R 450.00
General 2D Pregnancy Ultrasound including Gender (16 weeks plus)
Week days only
R 480.00
General twin 2D Pregnancy Ultrasound
Week days only
R 650.00
3D / 4D Pregnancy UltrasoundR 650.00
3D / 4D Twin Pregnancy UltrasoundR 850.00
5D / HD Pregnancy UltrasoundR1 000.00
5D / HD Twin Pregnancy Ultrasound R1 350.00
USB Stick – 2 GIG:

R 100.00

Should the baby not participate during the ultrasound we offer a rescan at R350.00. This is done weekdays only. Bringing a chocolate or a cold drink with for your ultrasound appointment helps should the baby be sleeping or is in a position where we struggle to see the face or the gender. 


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